Data Acquisition System –
Compact Laptop Variant

The KDAS-LT is a compact variant of the Data Acquisition System, for applications where either space is a constraint or portability is of essence.

When supplied with a K.Mass Test Bench, the Data logger hardware of the KDAS-LT is mounted inside the Control Panel & interconnected to the Test Pressure Manifold. When shipped as a standalone accessory, the logger is supplied in a wall mount arrangement along with all necessary cables & instruments.

K.Mass Test Benches when supplied with KDAS-LT are equipped with a Swivel Tray arrangement for mounting a laptop computer

  • IP 65 Compliant Data Logger
  • Compatible with all Windows Versions
  • Can Log & report Data for up to 4 Channels Simultaneously
  • Real time display of the Pressure Vs Time Graph for all Channels
  • Variable Units for Pressure & Size
  • Ability to Save, Export & Print Reports.
  • Maintains History of all Tests.
  • Configured for Interconnectivity with the API-527 / 598 Digital Bubble Counter.
  • Customizable Report Formats.
Logger Configuration 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Channels
Logger Housing IP 65 compliant
Logger Power Supply 1P, 220 VAC, 50 Hz
Logger Communication RJ45
Logger Mounting Wall Mount (Hardware Included)
Housing Panel Mount Box (Optional)
Accessories Pressure /Vacuum Transmitters (with cables),
Communication Cable,
USB Dongle Key (License)
KDAS Software
Optional Laptop / Desk Top Computer
Laser Printer
Articulating Swivel Tray
Applications Pressure / Vacuum Testing