Breather Valve Test Bench - PVRVTB

Breather Valves also know as Pressure Vacuum Vent Valves are installed on large Storage Tanks for protection against Vacuum and Pressure variations in the tanks due to Fluid transfer as well as climate changes. These Valves are designed to function swiftly in case of slightest Vacuum or Over Pressure in tanks.

PVRVTB range of Test Benches is manufactured for Vacuum as well as Pressure Testing of Valves & is configured with a uniquely designed 6 T-Slot type Manual Universal Clamping arrangement on a High Volume Tank. With the 2 Sets of 3 Jaw clamps set at a 60 angle, the universal clamping system can accommodate almost any shape of Valve.

  • 6 Jaw (2 x 3 Jaw) Clamping System to accommodate any shape of Valves
  • High Volume Tank below the clamping system for accurate Test simulation.
  • In-built Vacuum Ejector System
  • Skid Mount Units with eyebolts for easy handling with forklifts & hoists
  • Aluminum Chequered Flooring for clean and safe workspace
  • Sectional as well as Enclosure type Lexan Polycarbonate (Unbreakable) Safety Screens
  • Quick Connect Swivel able Test Pressure Gauge Adaptors
Configuration Single Port
Clamping System 6 Jaw Manual Clamping System (2 Sets of 3 Jaws)
Valve Orientation Vertical
Size Range From 2” to 12” / 16” / 24”
Clamping Load 50 Tons / 75 Tons / 100 Tons
Gas Testing From -9 to 145 psi
Liquid Testing N/A
Applications Set Point / Seat Leakage