All Liquid & Gas boosters installed in K.Mass Test Benches and Power Packs are Air Driven. Besides, the Gas Air Booster also requires a minimum Pre-Charged Air Supply which is further boosted to higher pressures as Test Air. Thus, two of the pre-requisites required at site for installing a Valve Test Bench or a Power Pack are

  • Low Pressure Instrument Air Supply for Drive Air to feed to one or both the boosters
  • High Pressure Air Supply for Pre-Charged Air to feed to the Gas Booster

The HP Utility Air Supply System is designed and manufactured to cater to the Drive Air & Pre-charged Air requirement of the Liquid & Gas Boosters installed in all K.Mass Valve Test Equipment.

Installation of the HP Air Supply System with any of our Test Systems, makes the Systems self-sufficient & independent, requiring just a Power source & Liquid source to ensure a trouble-free operation.

  • Ready to use system with built-in motor / starter & other controls
  • Automated ON/OFF for handsfree operation
  • Compatible with all K.Mass Test Units
  • Additional Utility Air outlets for supply source to other equipment
  • An Air Compressor with a discharge Pressure rating of 450 psig / 1000 psig , equipped with an Air-cooled After Cooler
  • HP Air Receiver of 300 to 500 liters capacity
  • Refrigerant type Air Dryer connected to the Pre-Charged Air Outlet of the HP Air Receiver.
  • LP Air Receiver of 300 liters capacity
  • A Pressure Reducing Regulator.
  • Safety Relief Valves on Receivers
  • Pressure Switch.
  • Valves & Accessories