Multi Port Test Benches - MPVTB

For Valve Manufacturers, Testing is as much a key area as the basic design & production of the valve itself. Though the test principles and industry standards for each manufacturer may be the same, the valve design, quantum of testing and turnaround time for each test vary to a great extent.

Over the years team K.Mass has partnered with many manufacturers to engineer Test Systems uniquely tailored to suit their production line, in terms of Test types, sequences, output quantum, test analysis & reporting. The unique one-off systems were also optimized in terms of human resource utilization patterns. Thus giving rise to the MPVTB range of Test Benches.

MPVTB range comprises of Multi Port Test Benches are valve specific with full range of customization to adapt to client requirements & application.

  • Multi Port arrangement with Simultaneous & Individual Test Enabled Test Ports.
  • Automated Proportional Hydraulic Sequential Clamping Systems with Individual DROs
  • Semi or Fully Automated Systems with Pre-fed Test Sequences & Valve Inspection Criteria
  • Fully Pre-programmed & Re-programmable Test Cycles & Data Acquisition / Test Result Analysis System
  • Manual Override Controls for each Test Stations with Dedicated Pass / Fail Indicators & Emergency Shut off
  • Compatible with different types of Valve End connections like RF Flanges, RTJ Flanged, Wing Nut Flanged Threaded & Butt Weld
  • Skid Mount Units with eyebolts for easy handling with forklifts & hoists
  • Sectional as well as Enclosure type Lexan Polycarbonate (Unbreakable) Safety Screens
Configuration Multi Port (Up to 8 Test Stations)
Valve Orientation Custom (as desired by client)
Clamping System Custom (as desired by client)
Size Range Up to 24”
Clamping Load Up to 100 Tons
Gas Testing Up to 690 bar
Liquid Testing Up 1000 bar
Vacuum Testing Up to -9 psi
Applications Safety Valves, Control Valves, Shut Off Valves & Instrument Valves.