Combination Valve Test Bench
Type-2 - CMVTB-F

The CMVTB-F range of Combination Valve Test Benches, coalesce the ability to Test High Pressure Valves along with Low Pressure and Vacuum Valves on a Common Test System.

With one Clamping System for High Pressure Gas & Liquid Testing & one Clamping System for Low Pressure Gas & Vacuum Testing, the Control Console for the CMVTB-F is configured with 4 separate Test Fluid systems.

  • Double Port arrangement with Simultaneous & Individual Test Enabled Test Ports.
  • Dissimilar Clamping Systems for Versatility
  • Multiple options for Clamping Systems.
  • Compatible with different types of Valve End connections like RF Flanges, RTJ Flanged, Wing Nut Flanged & Threaded
  • Skid Mount Units with eyebolts for easy handling with forklifts & hoists
  • Aluminum Chequered Flooring for clean and safe workspace
  • Sectional as well as Enclosure type Lexan Polycarbonate (Unbreakable) Safety Screens
  • Quick Connect Swivel able Test Pressure Gauge Adaptors
  • Air Gun for Pre & Port cleaning & Leak Detection during liquid Tests.
  • External Test Bulkheads for ‘Ground Testing’
Configuration Double Port
Valve Orientation Vertical
Clamping System :
Test Port-1 3 Jaw PLC Controlled Hydraulic Proportional Seat Clamping System with Safety Interlock
Optional 3 Jaw Manual Clamping System
3 Jaw Mechanical Auto Clamping System (Semi Automatic)
Add On Swivelable Top Body Clamping Yoke with a Lead Screw
Test Port-2 6 Jaw Manual Clamping System (2 Sets of 3 Jaws)
Size Range From ½” to 10” / 12” / 16” / 24”
Clamping Load 25 Tons / 35 Tons / 50 Tons
HP Gas Testing Up to 150 / 210 / 345 / 400 bar
Liquid Testing Up to 210 / 400 / 690 bar
LP Gas Testing Up to 2 / 6 / 10 bar
Vacuum Testing Up to -5 / -7 / -9 psi
Applications Safety Valves, Control Valves, Shut Off Valves, Pressure-Vacuum Vents & Breather Valves