Ground Test System -

When a Valve size is beyond the clamping range of a Test Bench, or in case a clamping system is not available for a certain size of valves, the said valves can still be tested on ground using blind flanges & an external pressure source, provided there is a support system to hold the valve in place.

The GTS range of K.Mass Ground Test System is a support mechanism for straight pattern valves, which holds the valves securely while being pressure tested on ground. The Ground Test System is manufactured for a set size range of valves & is adjustable for width & height of the valves.

  • Adjustable Valve Rest (V-Block type)
  • Height & Width Adjustable Gland / Body Supports
  • Adjustable Flange Spacers
  • Adjustable Operating Platform with Guard Rail
  • Gear assisted movements.
Load Rating 10 / 15 / 20 Tons (Valve Weight)
Size Range Up to 24” / 36” / 42” / 48”
Drive Manual / Electric
MOC Carbon Steel