MARC - Maintenance & Refurbishment Centre for Valves

The MARC offers a range of Services to meet the Industries ever growing need of Valve Maintenance. Backed by years of experience & expertise, our Service Team offers the following range of services:-

Expertise & Consultancy Services

With the rapid growth in today’s Industry & its infrastructure, one aspect which is increasing at an alarming rate is the Industry’s need for proper Maintenance & Service support. We at K.Mass provide complete technical support to all those who seek to create Model Valve Refurbishment Centre’s in India & abroad in order to provide services to the Industry In their region.

We provide ‘Consultancy Services’ & the required ‘Technical Know-How’ to such projects right from the initial stage until they are fully established & functional.

Such Advisory Services would include

  • Design & layout of the workshops,
  • Various aspects of Finance & budgeting.
  • Required Machinery & Tools & Plant Equipment.
  • Required Human Resources.
  • Sourcing & Commissioning of Equipment
  • Training of Workforce on all aspects of Valve Maintenance

With the above & many more such features K.Mass ensures that the Industry’s maintenance requirements are adequately met with & that too by well equipped & professionally managed Organizations.

Maintenance & Refurbishment of Valves

To add to our range of services, the MARC is authorized to Recalibrate & Certify Safety & Relief Valves for Off Shore as well as On-Shore Projects by a number of Public Sector Companies in India & Abroad.

We are open to share our facilities with any International Valve Company wishing to tie up with us for providing After-sales / Warranty Services for their Installed base in India

With our 10,000 square feet of floor space the ‘MARC offers a complete range of services for In-House Repair & Recalibration of all types of Industrial Valves.

This modern, full service industrial valve reconditioning and testing facility is equipped with a full complement of tooling and machinery required to perform a variety of specialized services. Our flexible production techniques enable us to efficiently process single or multiple piece orders of either a routine or emergency nature.

Vacuum testing, certified welding and component fabrication are just a few of our many specialized capabilities.

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