Api Digital Bubble Counters -

All Valves operating on gaseous fluids are to be tested for seat leakage on Air in accordance with codes to ascertain their functional characteristics in line with their leakage class rating.

The K.Mass Digital Bubble Counters the user to perform the seat leak test on valves accurately & with much ease, without the need for a tedious manual counting procedure. This is an Independent standalone system which is connected to the discharge side of the valves by means of quick push type fittings and a PU tube.

Supplied as an Independent standalone system as well as an accessory to any of the K.Mass Test Benches, the Digital Bubble Counters can also be interfaced with the K.Mass Data Acquisition System for report integration.

  • Can be Interfaced with K.Mass Data Acquisition System for Report Integration
  • Complies with API / 598 Seat Leak test procedure.
  • Easy & Quick connection & removal.
  • Provides accurate results & eliminates Manual counting
  • No preset maximum limit on the test duration or the number of bubbles
Min Count 1 BPM
Max Count 165 BPM
Power Supply 220 VAC 50 Hz
Display 2 Line
Communication Type RS 485
Communication Protocol Modbus RTU